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Facebook Timeline Covers Movie special

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The Facebook timeline, introduced a little while ago, organizes your information into a journal style. It's a great way to personalize your page, and if you are into movies, these 15 cinema special Facebook Timeline Covers are just what you need.

Since the timeline was introduced, visitors to your page can see your information laid out chronologically, since you joined Facebook, or even since the day you were born! Beyond just providing your friends with information, though, it's also a great way to customize your profile.

Instead of the traditional photo, you'll have two, with one large image that occupies almost the entire width of the window, and a smaller image that's superimposed in the lower left corner. Between the two, there's plenty of room for creativity:


To create this Facebook Timeline Covers collection, Softonic went digging among the classics of cinema, both old and new, to bring you some awesome images that you'll be able to make your profile your own. Whether you're into the cool neo-tech of Tron, the all-time classic (and personal favorite) Jurassic Park, or the fun animation of Tintin, with a little bit of imagination, you're sure to be able to come up with something cool.

How to set Facebook Timeline Covers as your timeline picture

To set one of the Facebook Timeline Covers as your profile, unzip the contents of the file you download, open Facebook, and click on the little triangle that appears next to Change Cover when you mouse over the main image. The, like you can see in the screenshots, pick Upload Photo and choose one of the Movie Special Facebook Timeline Covers. Then pick an imaginative smaller image for the overlapping photo, and get creative!

If you like the idea of customizing your timeline, but you're looking for more images, try here.

Movie buff? The download these cool movie Facebook Timeline Covers now!

Facebook Timeline Covers


Facebook Timeline Covers Movie special

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